Client Services

TS Sports Management offers a variety of services for our clients. After an in-depth discussion with the client, we formulate a plan that exceeds expectations and ends with successful results. In formulating this plan, we explore the options that match our client’s wishes and present these options so our client can make the right decision – an informed decision. Our goal is to provide clients the guidance they need to ensure successful results.

Player Representation and Contract Negotiation

As an certified NFLPA Contract Advisor, we represent our clients in negotiating their player contract with NFL teams. However, the representation of our clients does not end there. As a Contract Advisor, we ensure our clients understand and receive the benefits granted to them under the NFL collective bargaining agreement and represent our clients to enforce those rights.

Marketing and Endorsement Representation

TS Sports Management will work to find additional sources of income and publicity for our clients through product endorsements, speaking opportunities, charity events, clinics and camps, and other personal appearance. We present each opportunity to our clients to ensure its meets their overall goals and expectations.


We discuss the various options for pre-draft and pre-pro-day training with our clients to determine which route is most advantageous for their specific situation. Some schools have their draft eligible athletes train at the school after they have finished their college athletic career, while other athletes prefer to train outside their school at a specialized training facility. TS Sports Management has relationships with several training facilities around the country that specialize in pre-draft combine training. After a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of both options, we make a decision which best fits the client’s needs.

Financial and Legal Services

A smart legal and financial plan is the key to ensure success off the field and a secure transition for our clients after their playing days are over. TS Sports Management has relationships with financial planners and licensed attorneys that can ensure your post career years are safe and secure.

Post-Career and Brand Management

TS Sports management can assist in managing public relations and social media to ensure our clients are able to pursue new business opportunities once their playing days are over. In providing this service, we ensure our client’s opportunities are not diminished once their career is over and their public relations presence only enhances their marketability.