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Transitioning to a professional athletic career is a challenging and often confusing process. Questions from how the NFL draft process works to pre-draft training to benefits under the collective bargaining agreement are just a few of the topics where questions might arise. TS Sports Management has provided some frequently asked questions and answers that can help provide some clarity.

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About Iowa's Sports Agent

We believe in taking a relaxed, team-oriented approach when recruiting potential clients. I initially reach out to potential clients through a phone call and/or a e-mail. After some initial conversation, we usually like to sit down for a longer face to face meeting to talk about the process and answer any questions. We do not move forward and sign any paperwork until two things happen: 1) the client's season is over and eligibilty has been exhausted, and 2) Both sides are comfortable and ready to move forward. We base all of our relationships with our clients on integrity, trust, and teamwork. An agent and client have to be a good fit for each other for the relationship to have any chance at success. An agent must also be willing to be honest with a client, even if he or she must share information the client does not want to hear, but needs to hear. 

No! TS Sports Management can provide assistance to clients across the entire United States. Although we proudly call ourselves "Iowa's Sports Agent" we are willing to represent clients from across the country, provided it is a good fit. While we focus our recruiting efforts on the Midwest region of the country, we certainly can provide assistance to clients all across the United States.

We provide a variety of services to our potential athlete clients, including player representation, contract negotiation, marketing and endorsement, and financial and legal planning. Please review our services page for more information.

Selecting an Agent

Unfortunately, there is not one set answer for selecting the right agent to represent you as you begin your career - individual circumstances and preferences are simply too specific for each individual.

There are however, a few basic suggestions that apply to most situations:

1. Do not go at it alone – seek the advice and support of parents or other trusted advisors to help screen through potential agents. While the ultimate decision is solely the player’s, a little bit of help in the beginning can help avoid potential problems down the road.

2. Ask the agent for proof of educational background and certifications – any reputable agent will have no problem providing this information.

3. Ask lots of questions and get them answered – an agent should be able to answer questions regarding the professional league or association the player is joining, their process and role as the agent, and any other questions from the player.

In the end, the player must ensure that the potential agent understands the business, understands the player’s goals, and is someone they can work with as a team to meet those goals.

I always recommend that a player take the initiative to become better educated about the agent industry. Thus, I strongly recommend two books that are written about the agent industry with the athlete's interest in mind:

  1. An Athlete's Guide to Agents, Fifth Edition - By Robert H. Ruxin
  2. Money Players - A Guide to Success in Sports, Business & Life for Current and Future Pro Athletes - By Marc Isenberg

Below are a few websites and blogs that also provide some great insight into the industry.

Sports Agent Blog 

Inside the League

The key is to ask questions and get educated - if you have a specific question, feel free to contact TS Sports Management!

The NFLPA provides a searchable database of all certified contracts advisors located at their website. They can be searched by name, company, address, and state. 

There are nearly 900 NFLPA certified contract advisors located throughout the United States, including Thomas Sherzan of TS Sports Management.

Being a Professional Athlete

There are so many pieces of advice that are great recommendations - be smart with money, take care of your body, find a trusted advisor to assist you along the way, find a veteran mentor to follow, work hard - that I could write a book.

However, if I had to pick one recommendation - realize your time as a professional athlete is extremely limited, and it can end at any time. The average NFL career is a little over three years. Even long NFL careers rarely last past ten to fifteen years. Base your life, financial, and social decisions off of this fact, and you are ahead of the game.

Simply put, no. A player gets themselves drafted through their performance on the field and ability to make wise decisions off the field. As your agent, TS Sports Management will tirelessly contact NFL teams and scouts to provide current information on your situtation and get feedback from teams. But at the end of the day, performance by the player is what is important.