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Friday, April 21, 2017

While the NFL Draft may begin next Thursday, it also marks the end of a months-long process for scouts and player personnel that helped prepare for the draft. For the past year (or more for some) these players have been evaluated, tested, scrutinized, and reevaluated by teams.  Months of work comes down to a three day process. And often, it takes two or three years before a scout can determine whether their evaluations were correct. Scouting is an inexact science without immediate feedback – definitely not an easy profession.

Additionally, I wanted to share a thought on the NFL Schedule release. The most important thing for players is looking at their bye week. Early bye weeks are awful. It creates a long back end of the season that is a grind. A week 8 or week 9 bye helps break up the season and typically comes at a time when players need a break.

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