Roster Cuts are Coming

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Friday, August 26, 2016

With NFL team finishing their third preseason games this weekend, one of the more unpleasant dates on the NFL calendar is approaching – cut day. By this coming Tuesday, August 30th, teams must cut down their roster from the current 90 players to 75 players.  Another more extensive cut is still come before the regular season starts, when the 75 remaining players are cut down to 53. So in roughly two weeks’ time, NFL rosters will be cut nearly in half.

While some of the cut players will make other teams or stay on the team’s practice squad, a majority will be looking for work. There is also the possibility that as injuries occur during the season, previously cut players will make their way back onto a team. But make no mistake; the NFL is a business first. And that is never more evident than during roster cuts.

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