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Friday, February 3, 2017

With the Super Bowl on Sunday, the 2016-2017 NFL season will come to a close. With the season’s end, another season will officially start – the NFL offseason.  In the next few months, the NFL combine will take place, college pro days will begin, and then the NFL Draft will be upon us. Later on in the summer, training camps will open up and the start of the 2017 season will be upon us.

The “highlight” of the NFL offseason, especially for fans, is the NFL draft, which is set to take place at the end of April. Fans of every team try to get as much information on who their team might draft or what positions their team needs to address. To fill this need, every major sports media company and blog loves to put out mock drafts, guessing which player each team will pick.

These mock drafts always make me laugh. For one, teams are not even close to being done with player evaluation. College scouts have certainly been traveling across the country this past fall looking at prospects, but the fact remains that we still have the NFL combine, college pro days, and team visits to happen. Initial evaluations might be done, but they are in no way complete.  Trust me – NFL teams do not know who they are taking yet, so there is no way some blogger knows either. Additionally, NFL free agency has not started or finished. Teams will look completely different in a couple months, and mock draft “gurus” often fail to take this into account.

Look, I am not saying that mock drafts should be completed ignored or that they are not fun to look at it. At best, a mock draft might identify which positions a team “needs” but any guess on what player a team might select is basically that – a guess.

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